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Meet Ashley owner of Ashley Nelson Studios

Meet Ashley owner of Ashley Nelson Studios

How long have you been a make-up artist? What first got you interested in the field professionally?

Well I have some amazing photos I could submit here but let's just say my baby book is filled with pics of me doing makeup on anyone who would let me. I started charging in high school and started booking weddings once I had turned 18.

What inspires your work?

My canvas! One of the best things about being a makeup artist is your canvas always changes. I love getting to know my client, bringing out their favorite features and learning what makes them feel beautiful.

What do you like most about doing makeup/hair for boudoir sessions?

There's something empowering about an entire day that's all about you and I love being a part of that. I love the transformation. I usually get to be the first appt of the photoshoot process so the client arrives makeupless with hair in a bun and maybe a bit nervous. Having worked with Booker both in front of and behind the camera, I get the benefit of knowing exactly what's it's like out there! I love being able to answer questions, give tips and tricks and comfort any concerns. I love being able to transform my client into quiet sleepyhead to laughing with lashes on. I love being able to instill confidence, there is nothing sexier.

For boudoir sessions, how long does it it usually take you to apply makeup / do hair?

Thirty Minutes

What other occasions would someone user your makeup services?

I do makeup for any occasion but also provide spa services and have my own makeup line and skincare line that keeps me busy during the week. My other top makeup services are for weddings, senior pictures and magazine work.

How does makeup/hair styling for boudoir sessions differ from other occasions?

Well, you get to ask your client what color underwear they are wearing. Lol. Other than that, the actual application can vary so much! I have some clients who would wear a smoky eye every day but would want a clean natural eye for her boudoir shoot. Some want to go dramatic. Some who wear red lipstick because that is their husbands favorite. I guess my answer would be that it is different because you truly get to dress up and be whoever you want. And I get to help create that vision!

Last question, why do you like working with Booker? 

Booker is one of the best photographers I have ever met. Professionally, he makes my work look amazing. But personally, I just like hanging out with this guy. It's rare that you find such a balance of professional skill and great personality.

You can find more of Ashley's work at: or on facebook

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