Payment Plan Options

As you're in the process of booking/planning for your session, something to consider is how you want to complete your purchase. You have a few options to chose from, in order to receive your products as soon as possible. Check out the available options below:

Option A: PayPal Credit.
You can apply to Paypal for a credit line for your product. This allows you to pay for your purchase in full(depending on the approved credit line from Paypal) and receive your products as soon as possible. PayPal gives you six months interest free. Apply here:

Option B: In-house Payment Plans. (NO LONGER OFFERED)
We offer payment plans based on the amount of your product order. If you spend under $2000 - 4 month payment plan. $2000 - $3000 - 6 month payment plan, $3000 - $4000 - 10 month plan. Anything over $4000 you have up to 12 months to pay it off. With any in house payment plan, your product will not be ordered or go into production until the last payment has been made.

Option C:  Utilize your credit card. Some people forgot about this option, but we do accept credit cards. This route also allows you to utilize some of those awesome credit card perks. 



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