When you let go of insecurities.

I get it, we all have something we are insecure about. It's time to throw those insecurities out the window and create something beautiful. I love seeing Keri's personal transformation since her session. I could tell you more about her experience, but it's best to hear the story from her.
- Booker T

"I decided to do a photo shoot with Booker for after photos for my breast surgery.  I had gone through a body transformation, losing weight and getting strong.  I got breast implants and a breast lift and was starting to feel more comfortable with my body.  But I was still so insecure and was wondering if I would ever be happy with how I looked."


"When it came time for the shootI wasn’t quite sure what to expect.   I was a little nervous, but excited to be doing something so far out of my comfort zone.  Booker was great from the second I booked my shoot.  The photoshoot was so much fun and I actually felt so comfortable during the entire process.  I loved getting my hair and make up done- what girl doesn’t?  I felt pretty and decided to let my insecurities go and go with it."


"Booker was amazing during the entire shoot and made me feel so comfortable and secure with everything.  I let myself be completely vulnerable and embrace it and it went amazing."


"I was more nervous going to viewing than the actual photoshoot.  I had no clue what to expect, but was shocked.  Booker arranged a slide show and I sat there watching it in complete awe.  I couldn’t believe that was me- I looked beautiful and sexy and confident.  So much more than I ever remember feeling.  As weird as it sounds, this photoshoot actually gave me more confidence and made me FEEL beautiful and sexy and confident on my own."


"I love looking back at my photos- it makes me feel proud that I stepped so far out of my comfort zone and rocked it.  I have shown several friends my photos and every single person says in regards to Booker, “He’s amazing”… It’s true, I HIGHLY recommend Booker for any photoshoot.  I’m so happy that I did it, so happy that I actually scheduled a second one.  Thank you Booker, for making me feel the way I should about myself- you ARE amazing!"

- Keri