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I kind of questioned my decision to book a shoot, because I was just doing it for me. The past year has given me more strength & confidence than I ever thought I was capable of, and this was a way to help make those changes tangible for me.

Even before the shoot Booker was available to answer any questions, give his opinion, and tell me what to expect; then on the day of the shoot we spent quite a bit of time chatting and just going over what to expect again - things like his shooting style, how he gives direction (he models some of the poses for you! ), and if you have any more questions. He is extremely professional but in a relaxed way that makes you still feel comfortable.

The shoot went amazing, I was completely relaxed the whole time, and was looking forward to seeing my images. I think that I was more nervous about seeing the outcome of the session than I was for the actual pictures.

When I met Booker for the viewing, it was obvious that he had taken a lot of time to go through the shoot and pick out the best ones. I can honestly say that I was shocked - in the best possible way. I couldn't believe that those pictures were of me!

I loved the whole experience of the shoot, from booking to viewing, and I'm sure that I'll be doing a repeat session at some point in the future!

- Miss S