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How to measure a Woman

Her Story

Women today are measured by the most insane standards...

How we curve or dont curve. The size of our breasts, hips, and ass. We all want to be that super model 36-24-36 but let's be real for a moment. We are not the size of our jeans, the cup of our bra, our height, eye color, etc. There is so much more than that.

I am damn smart, funny as hell, strong, caring, giving, and so many other things (including stubborn!). Measure me by that!

When I look at the pictures Booker captured of me I see those things in myself. I carry what society would call extra weight, I have a short temper, I don't know how to dress myself or do my hair. BUT WHO THE HELL CARES?! That shoot was a blast to do and when I see the photos I feel confident, powerful, and yes beautiful. Every woman should feel beautiful, just remember what the true definition of beauty is, and maybe raise your standards of measurement!

- Miss S