Her Story: I was afraid I wouldn't get the courage.


If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would have done a Boudoir shoot I would have said, "Heck no!".

I was not in a good place physically and mentally with my body. I had no confidence in myself at all. My body was a "mom body" in my mind and that meant it was not sexy and did not need to be in pictures. Fast forward to 4 years later...after working hard on getting healthy and fit for my kids and myself I saw a few of my friends boudoir photos. After seeing her photos, I thought "I want to do that!". I did a little digging and found Booker. I saw the phenomenal pictures he took and knew that if I could get the courage, he would be my photographer. At this point in my life I still lacked confidence in myself. Even after all my hard work I still had the mommy tiger stripes, cellulite, and areas of my body I was not happy with. I decided that "one day" I would do a shoot but I still had lots of work to do on my body.


A little while later, I spoke with a friend that had a shoot with Booker and she told me how amazing the experience was overall and urged me to book a shoot. Honestly, I was still very hesitant, feeling like my body was not good enough yet. Booker had a sale the following week. On a whim, I booked because I couldn't pass up the deal. However, immediately after I booked I felt anxious about the situation.


I was afraid I wouldn't get the courage to go through with it and waste everyone's time. After months of mentally preparing, it was time for my shoot. I was all ball of nerves but a little excited at the same time because I had never done anything like this before. After the nerves settled, I relaxed. I stopped thinking about covering my tiger stripes and hiding my cellulite dimples and let myself go. I don't know how he does it but Booker has a way of making you forget the insecurities you have and focus on the beautiful, sexy woman that you are. After walking out of the studio, I stepped back into reality and thought about how I hoped my lackluster body would look in the pictures and became worried again. It is like I stepped out of one world into another.

Weeks later, I had my reveal session. I was absolutely floored when I saw the photos. I could not believe that I was looking at photos of myself. The lighting, colors, sexiness, and beauty were all I could see. I did not notice the things that made me insecure. At this point I could not understand why I was so insecure before and my image of myself changed.


If you have ever considered doing a shoot...what are you waiting for?! If you were like me and waiting to make yourself perfect....stop. You already are!


I realized after doing this shoot that everything I had worried about was all mental. I just could not see myself in a beautiful, sexy light until I had his shoot done. I promise if you have a shoot done with Booker you will see and feel differently about yourself.

You will gain confidence and let the inner goddess you are out. Booker's creative, artistic style is phenomenal. I will always highly recommend him to anyone and plan on being back again for another shoot soon!