Choose your collection:

Each pre-purchased collection receives a set number of bonuses. Look at the options below as a reference point.
Collection #4 - Choose 3 Bonus items
Collection #3 - Choose 2 Bonus items
Collection #1 or 2 - Choose 1 Bonus item.

the bonuses:

Custom mobile app ($350 value)
Lingerie Fitting Appointment
Additional Outfit
Shower Set / Wet t-shirt set
Professional Headshots w/ 2 digital images included
3 Polaroids -
Retro-Viewmaster - Includes 7 images on a slide.



Once you’ve filled out your questionnaire, you’ll decide on which collection you want, then pick your bonuses. You’ll receive an agreement based on your selection and frequency of in which, your card on file is charged. (Monthly on the 1st, monthly on the 15th, or bi-monthly on the 1st and 15th.) The agreement includes your payment date(s), frequency, and amounts of each payment. This is an auto-debit system which requires your card to be on file. 

The pre-sesssion payment plan is NOT a required method of payment. You are welcome to make your purchase in full on the day of your image reveal. Cash and all major credit cards and PayPal Credit are accepted. Post payment plans are no longer offered.

Bonus items will not be given without signature of the agreement and payments completed prior to the session.
Not sure what you want? Choose something you think you might want, and if you want more we’ll walk you through your upgrade options at your appointment.